Truck GAP

Commercial Truck GAP Protection

Purchasing a truck or trailer? Reduce your financial exposure!

When you finance a truck or trailer, its value will depreciate over time. If the unit is stolen or destroyed, you could be left owing a substantial amount of money. You need protection against the "GAP" - the difference between the actual cash value covered by your insurance company and the balance you owe.

Program Highlights
Available for Light, Medium, and Heavy Trucks

Vehicle classification based on Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)

Benefits are paid up to $50,000

The amount paid on any one claim shall not exceed $50,000 in total.

Lending to Value

Programs available with up to 105%, 115%, or 150% of MSRP or NADA Truck Retail value depending on vehicle type.

Protection for the Term of the Loan or Lease

The length of coverage on Loans or Leases for Light, Medium, or Heavy Trucks is up to 84 months.

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