Our Story

Comprehensive Auto Resources Company, Inc. (CARco) was founded in 2004 as an Administrator of GAP coverage. CARco then evolved into a company that focused on the delivery and administration of innovative dealer and lender "financial services" products. These products enhance the dealer or lender's ability to increase customer satisfaction and leverage sales, service, and revenue opportunities.

Our sister company, Caronia & Associates, is a fully licensed property & casualty insurance agency with resident licenses in Pennsylvania and non-resident licenses in all states. Through these entities we market and administer a broad menu of products.

CARco has a network of agents throughout the country, as well as established alliances with entities whose core products or services are complimented by ours. This enables access to larger groupings of potential customers who already have established meaningful (and dependent) relationships with our business partners.

The fact that CARco has direct relationships with multiple insurers, each catering to a specific niche, enables us to do what our competitors are unable to do - provide coverage for multiple products under one umbrella. This is what separates CARco from the rest of the industry.

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